I am a 60ish retiree, way out of shape, who recently moved to Washington State. I am interested in becoming more fit and in exploring all of the beautiful places we have in this area.

I have said this before and I said it a few weeks ago when I was panting on a path in Beacon Rock State Park. Never trust the ranger or the guide book when you want to know how easy a hike is. Guides are written by people who are in good shape and hike regularly. But what if, like me, you would like to enjoy the outdoors and get into better shape but just aren’t right now? I’ve been told a hike was easy and ended up feeling as if they were going to have to fly me out with a helicopter.

So, I decided to do something about it, and what I am doing is publishing this site, a guide for beginning hikers or people who are just out of shape for hiking in Southern Washington and Northern Oregon.

I am also the author of two other blogs:

What, Me Read? is a book review blog.

Moving to Washington is a blog about my difficult move from Texas and adjusting to an entirely new life in Washington state.

Finally, I am one of four new moderators for The Classics Club Blog, a club for readers of classic books.