A pleasant community park on a river

This trail loops through a pleasant community park just outside of Battle Ground, Washington. It has views of the Lewis River as well as facilities for picnics, playscapes, wading, and fishing. It is a well-used park that can be busy on the weekend and is popular in the mornings for joggers and runners. We went on a Wednesday morning before school started and encountered a few people with dogs, some families, and people getting exercise.

The trail has a few climbs, one at the beginning and one at the end, depending upon which way you go around the loop.

Lewisville Park Trail

Rating: easy

Panting stops: 1-2

Distance: 2,5 miles

Elevation changes: 141 feet

One of the steeper parts of Lewisville Park trail.

Right outside of Battle Ground is a pleasant regional park with a nice loop trail. It is the oldest park in Clark County, and it is well kept. The trail is wide and paved much of the way or a nice pebble and sand track. The park runs along the Lewisville River, and there are a few beaches or places to fish. This park is popular on the weekends, but during the week it is pleasantly empty.

Be sure to branch off the path occasionally to get a nice view of the river.

If you park just outside the park entrance and walk in, you do not have to get a parking pass. Since the parking station is seldom open, you have to use the pay station or buy a pass, I think, at the community center.

The purple trail is a loop that goes around the outside edges of the park. There are entrances to the trail all through the park, but the easiest one to find is on the left just before the toll booth. You can also find the trail right next to the free parking area. There are signs posted occasionally to show you where the path is. Because of its intersection with parking lots and other paths and the infrequency of posted signs, it is a little hard to stay on the purple trail. Your best bet when you have a question about which path to take is to watch where other people are going.

How to get there

Lewisville Regional Park, Clark County

From Vancouver

Take Washington 500 north from I-205. It merges with Washington 503. Take 503 north past Battle Ground. A few miles past Battle Ground, the entrance to the park is on your right, just after you cross the Lewisville River.

Parking and facilities

There is a free parking area before you pass the toll booth, with spaces for about a dozen cars. If you pay the toll, there is ample parking in many areas of the park.

The park has many picnic areas, including covered picnic shelters, and restrooms, barbecue pits, softball or baseball fields, several playscapes, a couple of beaches, access to the river, drinking fountains, and a basketball court.